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Special Occasion Packages

All of our celebration programs include:

  • 8-12 animals (based on the package you select)

  • 1 Full Hour fun and educational presentation with hands-on opportunities for all of your guests with all of the animals!

  • 2-5 professional animal handler/presenters (based on the package you select)

  • 13-17 foot Finale Giant Snake

  • Group photo opportunity with the Giant Snake

  •  Posed photo opportunity for the Birthday Child (or family) with one reptile of their choice


Program & Prices

  • Variety is the spice of life! This party has something for everyone – EEK Ectotherms   $275 

Choice of Ten Animals:  Invertebrates, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises, Frog (Bug feeding demo only – no touching)

  • You love insects, millipedes, tarantulas, and other fun bugs – Goin’ Buggy!   $295

Choice of Twelve Animals: Subject to seasonal availability.

  • You long to party with our 4 legged friends –  Lizards, Iguanas, and Monitors – Oh My!   $350

Choice of Ten Animals: Lizards, Iguanas, and Monitors from around the world.

  • If you crave legless creatures, then slither along with –  Ssssensational Ssssnakes   $350

Choice of Ten Snakes: Colubrids, Pythons, and Boas from around the world.

  • Turtle and tortoise lovers do not fear! – Party with a Creep!  $350  (A creep is a group of turtles or tortoises!)

Choice of Ten Turtles: Aquatic and Land Turtles, Tortoises, and a One-of-a-kind Turtle

  • You want all the Giants of their Species!  –   Giants Galore   $350

 Choice of Eight Animals: Includes Giant Hissing Roaches, Cave Roaches, Millipedes, (Other Invertebrates Seasonally) Tarantulas, Lizards, Pythons, Boas, Tortoises, and Turtles

Need Themed Invitations, Cake, and Goody Bags?

Reptile or Bug Themed Package for 12     $195

  • Themed Cupcakes for 12

  • 12 STEM-based Goody Bags

  • 12 EcoVivarium Themed Invitation Postcards

Add-ons to Theme Package

  • 6 Extra Cupcakes $40

  • 6 Extra Goody Bags $65

  • 6 Extra Invitation Postcards $7

Reptile or Bug Themed Package for 12 with Decorated Cake   $250

  • Themed Cake for 12

  • 12 STEM-based Goody Bags

  • 12 EcoVivarium Themed Invitation Postcards

  • Add-ons to Theme Package

    • 6 Extra Cake Services $60

    • 6 Extra Goody Bags $65

    • 6 Extra Invitation Postcards $7

Extra Special Party Add-Ons

  • Junior Reptile Handler — $75

  • Bunny the Retic Finale Snake — $100

  • Snake Photo Stop — $125  We bring one Extra-Large Snake (8-10 feet) so that everyone has the opportunity to have a big snake photo.


General Party Information and Policies: 

  • Animal Ambassador Requests – We do our best to bring requested Ambassador Animals or species. Please note that there will be times we cannot accommodate a specific request because of animal behavior, shed, or feeding cycles.

  • Parents are responsible for maintaining the appropriate behavior of children and party guests during the program.

  • We kindly request that phone rings be silenced during performances.

  • Please provide a separate area for adults that are not participating in the party to gather and talk.

  • No Consumption of Food or Drinks during the performance – No exceptions.

  • Party Payments & Deposits are non-refundable. We will gladly reschedule your party to a future date or apply your credit to museum tickets or other programs.

  • Parties canceled less than 14 days prior to the event are nonrefundable. We will gladly reschedule your party for a future date. ($50 Rescheduling Fee may apply)

  • We reserve the right to restrict or eliminate interaction with animals from any individual(s) that refuses to follow our animal safety and handling rules.


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