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Support the Museum

Our children lost over a year of schooling.

EcoVivarium provides contextual hands-on educational programs

for schools, homeschoolers, scouts, and small groups

Our staff has over 65 years of experience in teaching differently-abled individuals

No one gets left behind

The number of rescued and surrendered reptiles have tripled since the pandemic began.

Many people lost jobs and the ability to care for their pets.

Other reptiles were abandoned or thrown away like garbage.

75% of our animals come in with serious medical challenges.

Our average discounted veterinary treatment is $3,600/month.

Food costs have nearly doubled to $730/month and continue to rise.

Electricity needs have soared to $5,000/month to meet the special lighting

and heat requirements of 300+ animals.

No donation is too small

Every donation is greatly needed.

Children learning about an endangered species boaChildren learning about an endangered species boa

Every donation positively changes lives!

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