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We need your help!

  • Rescue numbers have tripled during the pandemic, while adoptions are down 80%

  • Many animals have come in with major medical challenges

  • Food costs have increased nearly fivefold during the pandemic

  • Electricity needs have soared to $4,000 a month to meet the special lighting and heat requirements of 300+ animals

  • EcoVivarium is the last hope for many of the discarded reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods.

  • We have been shuttered by the state for over a year, losing approximately 90% of our normal revenue stream.

  • Reserve funds have dwindled as demands and costs continue to climb

No donation is too small – every donation is greatly needed and appreciated.

Some employers double or even triple your donation! Check to see if your employer will match your donation!

Here at EcoVivarium, our animals are extraordinary, both in general demeanor and care needs. Unlike traditional zoos and museums, we do not purchase our animals from breeders that understand these animals’ complex needs and offer only strong, healthy offspring.  In fact, we do not purchase any of our reptiles or amphibians, and only rarely do we buy arthropods. The Ambassador Animals at EcoVivarium are 98% rescued and 2% donated.  Our animals range from stick bugs to a giant Galapagos Tortoise! We are the largest rescue of our kind in California and one of the largest rescues for these unique creatures in the United States.  We partner with multiple agencies and municipalities in California, offering the only refuge for many of these unique creatures.

During the COVID pandemic, we have seen the demand for our rescue services triple over pre-pandemic numbers. We are now home to approximately 300 animals (not counting multiples of certain species).  Unfortunately, the influx does not appear to be slowing down! In the first 9 days of April, we had five new rescues arrive, three of whom require extensive and expensive medical intervention. Two more reptiles are waiting on transportation for their intake. Unlike the typical humane society or “furry fuzzy” critter rescues who saw a huge uptick in adoptions and a decrease in surrenders during the pandemic, we have experienced the exact opposite! Providing housing, medical care, food, and supplies for all the new animals, plus routine updates on equipment and supplies for the existing Ambassadors and sanctuary animals (and their ongoing food needs), is a costly proposition. We currently allocate nearly half of our monthly budget to animal care! The balance of the $20,000 monthly budget must cover all the general operational and administrative costs. Until the museum sector is allowed to reopen fully, people begin to travel, and schools and camps fully reopen with active program bookings, we are really struggling.

Your support means that we can continue to meet the needs of the animals that already call EcoVivarium home and continue to provide sanctuary for the animals that have nowhere else to go.

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